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~~2018 Clinic and Event Schedule~~

cutting a cow

Check back frequently, as new clinic dates are added based on demand.

In addition, Ed is often a guest speaker at the Purina Horse Owner Workshops-
those additional scheduled appearances will be added here as they are confirmed.

Click on the clinic name of the one(s) you are interested in and you will be taken to the registration page. You wil be able to register and pay using PayPal or a major credit card to reserve your spots!!

Note: Policies for clinic participation

Clinic & Description
March 17

Cow Working Clinic:
You and your horse will learn to 'track' a cow, 'rate' a cow and 'cut' a cow from the herd. You'll participate in the "Rodear"- an 'encircling' of the herd. You'll learn that not only is "cowboyin'" harder than it looks, cows are smarter than they seem!

Turning Point Equine Center
April 28

Spring Trail Clinic:
Ed helps you and your horse become more confident with common obstacles that you might find on the trail-- logs, bridges, water, noisy objects, gates, and other 'scary' things. The clinic includes actual trail riding experience throughout the Turning Point Equine Center's 75 picturesque acres.

Turning Point Equine Center
May 17-19
Pathways To Partnership 3 Day Horsemanship Clinic:
This intensive 3 day course goes from dawn until dusk and then some.You and your horse will work together to learn new skills and forge a stronger relationship. Morning sessions focus on communication and ground work. Afternoon sessions spent in the saddle build on what you learned in the morning. Evening sessions are pure enjoyment and activities can range from cow work to trail rides at dusk.
Turning Point Equine Center
June 16
pending topic- check back soon!
Turning Point Equine Center
September 22
pending topic - check back soon!
Turning Point Equine Center
October 20
pending topic - check back soon!
Turnng Point Equine Center
November 17
pending topic - check back soon!
Turning Point Equine Center





Attention clubs, special interest groups, or youth groups!

Ed also is available for private clinics at either your arena or at the Turning Point Equine Center.

Talk with Ed today to schedule your group's private clinic!