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Clinic Descriptions

All clinics include morning and afternoon refreshments, as well as a seasonally appropriate lunch unless otherwise noted.

Cow Working Clinic: Come take part in the Cow Working Clinic! You and your horse will learn to 'track' a cow, 'rate' a cow and 'cut' a cow from the herd. You'll participate in the "Rodear"- an 'encircling' of the herd. You'll learn that not only is "cowboyin'" harder than it looks, cows are smarter than they seem! Your horsemanship skills will be tested, and you'll have the time of your life! Many participants come back time and again. This full day clinic is a popular one, so it fills up fast!!

Pathways to Partnership: This intensive 3 day course goes from dawn until dusk and then some. You and your horse will work together to learn new skills and forge a stronger relationship. Morning sessions focus on communication and ground work. Afternoon sessions spent in the saddle build on what you learned in the morning. Evening sessions are pure enjoyment and activities can range from cow work to trail rides at dusk. Many participants return year after year! Bunk house accommodations for you and stall space for your horse are available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as morning and afternoon snacks are included with the clinic. Enrollment is limited to allow for excellent teacher/ student interaction, so sign up early!

Horsemanship Clinic provides 1 or 2 days (depending on the length of the clinic scheduled) of focused 'in the saddle' experience and training. Participants start with determining how proficient they are on the 'basics'- such as disengaging the hindquarters and side passing- and moving forward from there. Everyone will be challenged and invigorated with new and innovative activities to challenge and improve their current skill level.

Trail Clinic: Would you like to be an avid trail rider... But your horse tends to spook at unseen threats and balk when going over logs or through water? Then the Trail Clinic is for you. Ed helps you and your horse become more confident with common obstacles that you might find on the trail-- logs, bridges, water, noisy objects, gates, and other 'scary' things. The clinic includes actual trail riding experience through woods, field, and streams. You will also learn and practice various methods of securing your horse while on the trail or horsecamping such as the "high" line or hobbling. The lunchtime lecture will also touch on trail safety, first aide for you and your horse should the unthinkable happen, how to pack for 'packing out', and other tips for time spent on the trail camping and riding.

Ground Work/ Round Pen/ Hobble Combination ClinicsThese clinics provide instruction for three activities that are essential for a well-behaved horse, both on the ground and under saddle-- for "as the horse goes on the ground, so he/she goes under saddle". The clinics cover the fundamentals of working your horse on the ground including:

Ground Work: Every horse, no matter how experienced, can improve with groundwork. This clinic takes your horse from where he is and works on improving your cues and his understanding, flexibility and finesse.

Hobbling: Does your horse paw the ground when he or she is impatient? Are you worried that your horse will be severely injured if caught by the foot in the fence? Then this clinic is for you both. Your horse will learn patience, and you will learn the skills to keep the patience 'gene' strong and healthy.

Round Penning: Proper round penning is more than mindlessly longeing a horse around and around-it is a direct 1:1 precise communication with very specific cues and instructions. When round penning is done correctly, the horse will be quieter, more compliant, and a much more willing partner in all of your other training activities. In this clinic, you will begin to learn how to effectively communicate with your horse in the round pen to begin to establish respect for your leadership position.

Demo Day/ Mini Clinics Open House: This free event is a fun filled event for the entire family. Come tour the Turning Point Equine Center's state of the art facility, win door prizes, and watch a variety of interesting short demonstrations such as equine massage therapy, horse soccer, farrier science, and equine dentistry. Ed also demonstrates various riding techniques and answers any questions that the participants ask.

Guest Clinician at Midwest Trail Ride: Ed is a featured clinician at the Midwest Trail Ride. During these structured events, participants receive an all inclusive ride experience that includes 3 home cooked meals per day, campsite with water, electric, covered box stall with bedding, and nightly entertainment. Riders have immediate assess to nearly 200 miles of well-marked trails in the timeless beauty of Hoosier National Forest and the Deam National Wilderness. Bridle tags are required for riding in the forest. Check out the Midwest Trail Ride web site for more information (


Preparing for Hobbling Demonstration



Cyd and Shadow take part in the "Rodear" during a cow clinic